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African Spirituality Book List: Go Deeper


Akan Spiritual System:

  1. West African Traditional Religion by Kofi Asare Opoku

  2. Ancient Ashanti chieftaincy by Ernest E Obeng

  3. Introduction to African Religion by John Mbiti

  4. Traditional Religion in West Africa by E. A. Ade Adegbola

  5. African Spirituality: Forms, Meaning & Expression by Jacob K. Olupona

  6. The Africans Who Wrote the Bible by Nana Banchie Darkwah

  7. Revelation: The Movement of the Akan People from Kanaan to Ghana by by Akanba Akanba

  8. Hearing and Keeping: Akan Proverbs (African Proverbs Series) by Kofi Asare Opoku

Kemetic Spiritual System:

  1. The Egyptian Book of the Dead: The Book of Going Forth by Day - The Complete Papyrus of Ani Featuring Integrated Text and Full-Color Images by by Eva Von Dassow (Editor), Raymond Faulkner (Translator), Carol Andrews (Preface), Ogden Goelet (Introduction), James Wasserman (Foreword)

  2. Metu Neter, Vol. 1: The Great Oracle of Tehuti & the Egyptian System of Spiritual Cultivation– by Ra Un Nefer Amen

  3. Sacred Science: The King of Pharaonic Theocracy by R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz

  4. Temples of the African Gods by Michael Tellinger and Johan Heine

  5. Development of Religion and Thought in Ancient Egypt by James H. Breasted and John A. Wilson

  6. Ancient Egyptian Literature (Volumes 1-3) by Miriam Lichtheim

  7. Oya: In Praise of the Goddess by Judith Gleason

  8. Egyptian Mysteries by Lucy Lamy

  9. The Parents Guide to Ancient Egyptian Religion to their Children by Muata Ashby

  10. The Pyramid Text

  11. 11 Laws of Maat by Ra Un Nefer Amen

Ifa/Yoruba Spiritual System:

1. Sixteen Cowries by William Bascom 2. Tales of Yoruba Gods & Heroes by Harold Courlander 3. Milestones and Social Systems in Yoruba History and Culture by I.A. Akinjogbin 5. Oya: In Praise of the Goddess by Judith Gleason 6. The Cult of Sango by H.L. Ayobunmi Sosi Sangode 7. Olodumare: God in Yoruba Belief by Bolasi E. Idowu 8. Odu Ifa by Maulana Karenga 9. Black Gods: Orisa Studies in the New World by Gary Edwards and John Mason 10. Four New World Yoruba Rituals by John Mason 11. The Handbook of Yoruba Religious Concepts by Baba Ifa Karade 12. The History of the Yorubas by Rev. Samuel Johnson Pastor of Oyo 13. Africa's Ogun by Sandra T. Barnes 14. Olookun: Owner of Rivers & Seas by John Mason 15. Words and Meaning in Yoruba Religion: Linguistic Connections in Yoruba, Ancient Egyptian and Semitic by Modupe Oduyoye

We encourage you to form study groups among your family, friends and neighbors.