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AYA's Black Love Dinner Celebration,
Atlanta ~ 02/2019

Photographer: Wekesa O. Madzimoyo
Photographer: Wekesa O. Madzimoyo

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Photographer: Wekesa O. Madzimoyo
Photographer: Wekesa O. Madzimoyo

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Photographer: Osunyoyin Alake
Photographer: Osunyoyin Alake

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Photographer: Wekesa O. Madzimoyo
Photographer: Wekesa O. Madzimoyo

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About Afrikan-centered People Meet

Fill up your social calendar, spending time with like-minded people who love African culture! Afrikan-centered People Meet is not a dating service and we make no ridiculous promises, giving you unrealistic expectations...skip the awkward blind dates and anonymous online dating...make complementarity connections safely & easily in your city. The worst that can happen at an Afrikan-centered People Meet event is that you have a great time at an event with like-minded Afrikans.


Most likely, you'll have a great time, make new friends, and if a romantic relationship which leads to marriage or long-term partnership happens, well, that's a great bonus! 

We provide a platform that encourages liberation of the Spirit, relaxation, openness, and letting your guard down. Our members decide what they want to do. They simply sign up, show up, and have a great time! 

We arrange activities that vary widely to cover many interests. We have found that when you are having a great time in a fun and comfortable environment, meeting new friends and developing new relationships is easy and natural. Basically, we find or create the setting – you just show up, be yourself and HAVE FUN!

In practice, Afrikan culture — including the knowledge, attitudes, values and skills needed to maintain and perpetuate it throughout the nation building process — is developed and advanced through interactions.

By Afrikan-centered we mean:

  • acknowledges Afrikan spirituality as an essential aspect of our uniqueness as a people and makes it an instrument of our liberation.

  •  emphasizes the fundamental relationship between the strength of our families and the strength of our nation.

  • understands it can only be systematically facilitated by people who themselves are consciously engaged in the process of Afrikan-centered personal transformation.
    (Excerpt from CIBI's definition of Afrikan-centered education)

Afrikan-centered Couple at a Black Love Day Celebration
Spend time with Afrikan-centered people, who love African culture, exploring new adventures and creating lasting memories!
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Recommended Organizations

Are you a member of, or affiliated with, any of the organizations listed?

African Traditional Spiritual Coalition
Aim of Modzawe



Ausar Auset Society

Aya Ed
Egbe Ijoba(Ijoba Society) Maroon Kilombo

Egbe Osun of Maryland

The Art of Love:
The Science of Mating/Relationships

Dr.Jeff Menzise
*DC Metro Area


Jeff Menzise is a graduate of both Fisk and Howard University, and currently serves as an Associate Professor of Research at Morgan State University's Institute for Urban Research. He is a doctor of clinical psychology, a former school psychologist, a relationship expert, educator, author, researcher and publisher. Dr. Menzise is also an initiate of several traditional African spiritual cultures, both on the African continent and here in the United States. 

He is a certified Kemetic Yoga instructor with the YogaSkills School of Kemetic Yoga, specializing in matters of the mind (meditation, focus, empowerment). He has worked with many organizations in the areas of cultural competency, staff development, and organization restructuring.


Dr. Menzise is a professional life-coach and relationship expert, with an impressive list of clients, and his results are phenomenal. He has been an invited guest on TV One Now with Roland Martin on several occasions and has also been featured in many national publications and radio shows. Jeff Menzise is the current president of the Association of Black Psychologists, DC Chapter.

Montsho & Nwasha Edu   *NY/NJ Tri-State Area

Relationship Empowerment Coaching

Together, they are happily married SoulMate team and co-founders of the Akoma House Initiative. Co-creators of AKOMA DAY the 7-day Cultural Alternative to Valentine’s Day. Co-authors of two best selling books- Akoma Day:

  • A Guidebook into the Sacred Science of SoulMating & Cultural Alternative to Valentine’s Day (2007) 

  • You Are What You Cheat: A Guidebook into Understanding & Overcoming Infidelity (2014)

Their life experiences as husband & wife, business partners, parents, and best friends are what drive them to serve. They believe that “Love is Service”! Allow them to serve your intimate, family, personal and professional relationships.

Established in 2007, the Akoma House Initiative is an internationally recognized firm committed to creating harmonious relationships through increasing the scope of global consciousness and the practice of indigenous ritual.
They erase the stigmas commonly associated with modern day counseling and consulting by offering cultural insight, artistic locations and balanced perspective to create a naturally disarming and highly engaging experience.  They believe that “All Success in Life is the Result of Successful Relationships”™ and that “Love is Service”™.

Guidebook into the Sacred Science of SoulMating

Akoma Day: Guidebook into the Sacred Science of SoulMating gives the reader a complete guide into the virtues and principles of Akoma Day- a cultural alternative to Valentine’s Day and outlines over 30 exercises to unify couples, families and communities to achieve their divine purpose.

A Warrior's Love

There are those who say that our righteous rage emotionally binds and inhibits us, that it keeps us from openly being loving reflections of our Ancestors.  However, this is far, far from the truth.  If anything, it frees Warriors to embrace ways of remembrance; remembrance of who we are and how we love, that others cannot even begin to imagine.  In fact, because we are not constrained by the demonic romantic, materialistic falsities manufactured and fostered by this reality, we are empowered to be even more loving of ourselves, those closest to us and the entirety of Afrikan people...

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An Afrocentric Guide to a Spiritual Union by Ra Un Nefer Amen

Spiritual training is also needed to establish as a cultural pattern: caring, nourishing, kindness, and compromising, as substantiations of love.


The couple is the bedrock of the nation. Without it there is no family, no people. Without couples there can be no family to procreate and rear confident, untroubled, anchored children. No viable, community-respecting generation can be born to continue the process of life, living, building and defending. Afrikan couples must be whole, individually and as one. They must be able to trust their selves and each other implicitly. And that is what makes it imperative that we carefully choose our mates for Afrikan reasons. We must choose with vision. For we are the vanguard. Our unions have purpose far greater than the wants or needs of either member individually or the couple together. 

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